General Questions

What should i wear?
SHOES MUST BE WORN! Some venues have a dress code, so best to dress smart but casual. The night time venues require that men wear long pants, good (not ripped) jeans are OK. Dress as if you were going to a club or pub, get dressed up more if you feel like it!!! Most importantly, wear comfortable shoes, as we will have you up and dancing for at least an hour!

Ladies: best to wear shoes that hold your heel in some way. Please don’t try wearing thongs/flip-flops, even if you make it into the venue you run a real risk of tripping over your own footwear.
What style do you teach?
Do you offer private tuition?


Do I have to book or can I just turn up?
Just come on down! Both our Zumba and Salsa classes are run on a completely casual basis. No lock-in terms or courses unless you choose our 5 lesson discount pack.
Is there a class for beginners?
How do the salsa classes and levels work?
When can I start?
Do I need to bring a partner?

Attending Classes

What can I expect from the classes and is the material the same each week?
Our regular Salsa and Kizomba classes cover the fundamental timing, rhythm and steps of the dance each week. You will also learn a new core movement or partner-work every week.​ This means you will get both the required repetition for a solid foundation in the dance styles as well as progressively growing your dance repertoire week on week.
Can I join classes at any time or do you have terms?
Do we have to swap dance partners?

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