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Allan Korir
Allan KorirDance Instructor
Adriana Quemalaeres
Adriana QuemalaeresDance Instructor
Sonia Nicolau
Sonia NicolauDance Instructor
Dan Ombok
Dan OmbokDance Instructor

Allan Korir

Allan is an accomplished Afro-Latin DJ, Instructor and Performer from Nairobi, Kenya. Allan lives, breathes and loves African and Latin Dance styles in all its wonderful variations. He feels honored and privileged to be able to share and showcase his knowledge and enjoyment of music and dance with audiences all over the world. He has represented Kenya in various International Dance Competitions and Congresses and continues to travel extensively spreading the various African and Latin music and dance styles.

Since 2009, Allan has been dedicated to help pioneer Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba in East Africa. He currently teaches several levels, ranging from beginners to advanced, and promotes weekly classes and socials in Nairobi. His unique talent combined with his dedication, enthusiasm and tireless work ethic, not only makes him one of the best dancers in his field but also one of the best teachers. Allan is also the Director at the Dance for Charity Foundation, a nonprofit organization that was established to advance charitable objectives in society through the medium of music and dance.

Adriana Quemalaeres

Adriana is one the most complete and most accomplished Latin dancers in the world. Having lived and danced in major cities around the world, she has acquired a deep understanding of Salsa, Kizomba, Bachata and Cha-Cha-Cha, which allowed her to advance professionally and expand her repertoire. She has been taking many classes with the Mambo King Eddie Torres from NYC and the Mambo Diva’s classes. She just loves to dance Mambo!

Adriana is known for her exceptional styling on the dance floor and her fierce aggression on the stage, she exudes grace, beauty and charisma. She coaches ladies on unique styling and motivates them to breakthrough into a whole new level of themselves!

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