A private class is the most appropriate and efficient way of learning how to dance in no time. Our instructors follow a structured syllabus but personalize your lessons to fit your goal plan. Get one-on-one instruction and schedule lessons at a time of your convenience.

  • Personalized one-on-one attention
  • Better development and focus on technique, either in leading or following
  • Flexibility to your schedule
  • More opportunities to ask questions and address any concerns or issues
  • Fast track learning as a result of a more focused direct approach

Our variety of Dance Packages has convenient methods of payments to accommodate different needs.


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* All Packages must be paid in Advance on the first class.

* 4 Class Packages must be taken within 1 month.

* 8 Class Packages must be taken within 2 months.

* Please note we have a 24-hour cancellation policy.

* You will need to cancel the class 24hrs prior, otherwise you will be charged for the class in full.

* Make up Classes can be scheduled if cancellation is done in advance.

Single Private Lesson
1 or 2 People/ 1 Hour Class
Price: KES 5,000*

4 Private Lessons Package
1 or 2 People / 4 Classes / 1 Hour Each
Price: KES 18,000*

8 Private Lessons Package
1 or 2 People / 8 Classes / 1 Hour Each
Price: KES 32,000*


Free test class available for first timers

We have an offer for you, get in touch and get a free dance class of your choice.